2019: In Review

It was a busy but good year for the Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council - we even made a video! Take a look back with us as we recall some of the highlights of 2019.

URI student Marina Capraro

Restoring Habitat

Through its RI Coastal and Estuarine Habitat Restoration Trust Fund (CEHRTF), the CRMC provided funds to six more habitat restoration projects in RI last year. To date and including 2019, the Trust Fund has awarded $3.4 million for 127 projects, which have leveraged more than $27 million in matching funds. In its 16 years, the Trust Fund has helped to restore over 300 acres of coastal and estuarine habitat. Each year, the CEHRTF advisory committee, with approval of CRMC, allocates $225,000 from the OSPAR account to projects all over the state.

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At left: URI student Marina Capraro holds a newly hatched terrapin at Potowomut Marsh near Rocky Hill School, a 2018 Trust Fund project. (Photo: URI Department of Natural Resources)

Nighttime shot of Waterplace Park

Waterplace Park Dredged

The CRMC dredged Waterplace Park in downtown Providence in late 2019 to remove years of road silt and sand from the river basin bottom, which will also restore the full function of the Water Fire events. Work began in November, and was set to be completed in early January. Countless bicycle parts, 13 scooters, and a 13-yard Dumpster's worth of trash and debris have been removed.

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At left: Nighttime shot of Waterplace Park (Photo: J.F. Brennan, Inc.)

Quonnie salt marsh

Quonochontaug Restored

CRMC and its partners restored and elevated approximately 30 acres of heavily degraded salt marsh at the Quonnie salt marsh and pond in Charlestown. The material dredged from a portion of the pond increased the marsh's elevation so it can better withstand increased flooding from storm events and sea level rise.

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At left: An area of the Quonnie salt marsh where project partners recreated an historic beach for recreational use.

Visualization of the Town of Warren’s waste water treatment facility

New Flood Maps Unveiled

The R.I. Shoreline Change Special Area Management Plan (Beach SAMP) team  unveiled new inundation maps for the Rhode Island communities of Barrington, Bristol, and Warren, particularly susceptible to the impacts of sea level rise and flooding.

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At left: Visualization of the Town of Warren’s waste water treatment facility, and its vulnerability under a scenario of 2 feet of sea level rise and a 100-year storm event.

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