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RI Coastal Resources Management Council preserve, protect, develop, and restore coastal resources for all Rhode Islanders

Semi-Monthly Meeting – Full Council
Tuesday, March 28, 2006; 6:00 p.m.
Narragansett Bay Commission Boardroom
One Service Road, Providence, RI


Reading of the minutes of the previous meeting.
Subcommittee Reports.
Staff Reports.

Presentation: MetroBay Special Area Management Plan

Applications which have been Out to Notice for 30 days and are before the Full Council for Decision:

2005-04-101 HENRY & SHEILA KELLY GEDIMAN – Construct and maintain a residential boating facility consisting of access stairs, a 4’ x 58’ fixed timber pier, 3’ x 25’ ramp, and an 8’ x 18.75’ float.  A variance to RICRMP 300.4.E.3.(J) is required (standard setback from property line is 25’, 15 is proposed). Per Consultants lot 10 which is where the dock will eminate from is tied together to lot 7 which contains the residential dwelling.  Located at plat 73, lot 10; 1728 Main Road, Tiverton, RI.

2005-05-125 NANCY HURD – Construct and maintain a 161’ residential boating facility consisting of a 4’ X 126’ fixed timber pier, a 3’ X 20’ ramp, and a 10’ X 15’ terminal float.  The facility will extend 100’ seaward of mean low water (MLW) which requires a variance of 50’ from RICRMP Standard 300.4.E.3(k).  Located at plat 382, lot 357; 236 Channel View, Warwick, RI.

2005-09-061 HARBOUR ISLAND IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION – Establish a marina perimeter limit and a boat capacity at an existing facility.  The proposed MPL is shown on the attached plans and the proposed boat capacity is 20.  A dinghy dock is also utilized by approximately 8 dinghys which are not included in the boat capacity cited above.  Located at Plat Y-1, lot 117; Cedar Island Road, Narragansett, RI.

2004-08-097 FREDERICK & LOUISE WILLIAMS – Construct and maintain:  a single family dwelling, septic system (ISDS), individual well, detached shed and driveway.  As proposed, the project will result in approximately 10,840 square feet of disturbance (loss) to jurisdictional wetlands of which approximately 3,800 square feet of disturbance will occur within the “swamp” itself.  The affected wetland is regulated by CRMC’s Freshwater Wetlands in the Vicinity of the Coast Program.  Located at plat 7, lot 8, West Main Road, Little Compton, RI.

2005-06-003 MICHAEL & MAUREEN ANTONELLIS – Raze and remove existing dwelling; Construct new dwelling, ISDS, permeable driveway (relocate drainage); serviced by town water; with a planted buffer.  Located at plat 40, lot 30-A; 312 Prospect Lane, Portsmouth, RI.

Enforcement Report – February, 2006

Category “A” List


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