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Rhode Island Code of Regulations

In 2016, the R.I. General Assembly updated the Administrative Procedures Act (APA), requiring all regulatory agencies to codify and update their regulations. The new reforms will take advantage of technological advances to increase regulatory transparency to the public. The new law requires all regulations to be reformatted, indexed, and published online as the Rhode Island Code of Regulations (RICR). Any regulation not in the new RICR format by January 1, 2019 will no longer have the force of law.

Rhode Island is the only state in New England and one of the handful of states across the country that does not have an online, searchable, and indexed code of state regulations.

Without an organized code it is hard to find all of the regulations related to a specific area. For example, you may know that there is a regulation on lead as it relates to housing, but you may not be aware there are also regulations regarding lead in drinking water. An organized code will help readers understand what the rules of the road are and how to comply with them.

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