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RI Coastal Resources Management Council preserve, protect, develop, and restore coastal resources for all Rhode Islanders

Application Forms and Fees

When activities are proposed to be conducted within the jurisdiction of the CRMC, they are normally done so through the submission of an application request.

Generally, a permit is required for any construction or alteration on a coastal feature (e.g., coastal beach, barrier, dune, coastal wetlands, headlands, bluffs and cliffs, rocky shores, and manmade shorelines,) or within 200 feet of a coastal feature or tidal waters, including salt ponds, of Rhode Island. Also, permits are required for work that has a reasonable probability of conflicting with CRMC goals, management plans or programs; and have the potential to change the environment of the coastal region due to those inland activities described in Section 1.3.3 of the Red Book (650-RICR-20-00-1). Please see Section 1.1.4 of Red Book for more details on these requirements.

Applicants wishing to discuss a potential project with staff relative to the Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Program and its requirements can do so by contacting the CRMC and bringing/filling out the form at the right of this page. Please do keep in mind, however, that the guidance given by the professional staff only applies to the information provided by the applicant as it is represented at the time of the consultation.

Additionally, and if you prefer, we offer a Preliminary Determination report – a more formal and written narrative that will provide you with a discussion of the merits of your proposed project in respect to the management of the program.

The permit application forms that follow incorporate the procedures of the CRMC relative to its policies and programs so that the proposed activity accurately reflects the type of request being made. The permit applications must be completed depending on the character and extent of the project. Application fees are the reverse of an application form. For more information contact the Coastal Resources Management Council at (401) 783-3370.

Access to Public Records: Would you like to make a formal request to access the public records of the CRMC? The CRMC Policies on Access to Public Records can be viewed in Section 1.15 of the Management Procedures (650-10-00-1), adopted in accordance with RIGL §38-2-1 et. seq.

Please submit one electronic copy
of applications or additional application materials to

Send three paper copies to:
CRMC Oliver Stedman Government Center
4808 Tower Hill Road, Wakefield, RI 02879

To contact the CRMC about applications to:

Object (via email or emailed letter)
Submit a general comment

Please email and reference the file# or name in the subject line.

Go to our Contact Us page to obtain additional contact information, directions to our Wakefield, RI office and our File Inspection Policy.

Permit Application Forms and Checklists
Schedule of Fees




Residential Boating Facility

New Facility


New Structural Shoreline Protection Facility

First 100 linear feet

Each additional linear foot



Residential Development Project (condominiums, subdivisions, paper subdivisions, etc.)

First 6 units/lots

Each additional unit/lot

Infrastructure (roads, drainage, etc.)



(.005 X EPC)

Review of units/lots within a Council approved Subdivision

Submitted in accordance with all Council conditions/stipulations

1/2 of the All Others fee

Buffer Zone Alterations and Management Plans

Less than or equal to one-half (1/2) acre

Greater than 1/2 acre but less than or equal to 1 acre

Greater than 1 acre but less than or equal to 5 acres

Greater than 5 acres





Onsite Sewage Disposal Systems

New Systems

All Others fee

All others (include Redbook §1.3.3 reviews)

Based on Estimated Project Cost:



EPC is less than or equal to $1,000

EPC Between $1,000.01 - $2,500

$2,500.01 - $5,000

$5,000.01 - $10,000

$10,000.01 - $25,000

$25,000.01 - $50,000

$50,000.01 - $100,000

$100,000.01 - $150,000

$150,000.01 - $200,000

$200,000.01 - $250,000

$250,000.01 - $300,000

$300,000.01 - $350,000

$350,000.01 - $400,000

$400,000.01 - $450,000

$450,000.01 - $500,000

$500,000.01 - $20,000,000

EPC greater than $20,000,000
















($2,750.00 + .005 X EPC beyond $500,000.00)

($100,250.00 + .0025 X EPC beyond $20,000,000)

EPC = Estimated Project Cost. The EPC shall include all costs associated with site preparation (e.g., earthwork, landscaping, etc.) sewage treatment (e.g., cost of ISDS, sewer tie-ins, etc.) and construct costs (e.g., materials, labor, and installation of all items necessary to obtain a certification of occupancy).


Preliminary Determinations


Individual residential homeowner/potential homeowner


All other projects (e.g., subdivisions, commercial, industrial, etc.)


Jurisdictional determinations



Other Fees


Single Family Residence Assent Renewal/Extension


All Other Assent Renewal/Extension


Modification-Single Family Residence w/no public hearing


Modification of under 50% of a recreational boating facility


All other Modification Requests

All Other fee or $250.00 whichever is greater

Lightering Permits


Beach Vehicle Permits (In state)


Beach Vehicle Permits (Out of State)


Declaratory Rulings


Petitions for regulation changes


Contested cases with sub-committee hearings

Applicant pays all costs of hearing process

Dock Registration


Administrative Fees for Activities which have occurred without a valid CRMC Approval

1.  Administrative Reviews

All such activities will be assessed an application fee based on above plus:

a) Illegally constructed structures and unauthorized activities located in tidal waters and/or on adjacent coastal or shoreline features (See RICRMP Section 200 and Section 210) shall be assessed $500.00 administrative fee;

b) Illegal activities excluding those classified as maintenance activities under the RICRMP shall be assessed a $250.00 administrative fee; and,

c) Unauthorized maintenance activities shall be assessed a $100.00 administrative fee.

2. Applications before the Council

a. In accordance with Council regulations, all activities or alterations which have already occurred, or have been constructed or partially constructed without a Council Assent shall be subject to the fee schedule contained in Section 4.3.2.  In addition, the Council shall assess an appropriate administrative fee based on a recommendation by the Executive Director.  The recommended administrative fee shall take into account the impact on coastal resources, additional demand on Council resources, and hardship on an applicant (see RICRMP Section 160).


Where an applicant can demonstrate that the fee schedule described herein presents an undue hardship, the Council may adjust the application fee, administrative fee, and/or contested case fees.

* NOTE:  All fees are Summative.  In addition, all fees are filing fees and non-refundable.

** NOTE:  Applicants should consult Section 4.3 of the CRMC's Management Procedures for a more detailed description of the CRMC's fee schedule.

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Suite 116, 4808 Tower Hill Road, Wakefield, RI 02879-1900
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