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Aquaculture Application and Permitting Process (PDF)

Takings: Palazzolo v. the State of Rhode Island

What Do You Mean By Mean High Tide? The Public Trust Doctrine In Rhode Island

Defining Public Trust Lands in Rhode Island

Bluff Erosion Rates in Complex Glacial Stratigraphy, Block Island, RI (PDF)

Aquaculture Presentation to Towns, August 8, 2007

May 2004 The Coastal Resources Management Council Society Conference

Coastal Education Series Presentations

2/9/16 – Coastal Wetlands: Assessment, Planning, and Practice (PDF)

5/27/14 – Sea Levels Affecting Marshes Model, Using SLAMM to Conserve RI Coastal Wetlands (PPT)

5/28/13 – Assessing the Effects of Sea Level Rise on Salt Marsh Ecosystems (PDF)

10/23/12 – The RI Statewide Planning Program (PPT)

9/11/12 – Implementing the Rhode Island Aquatic Invasive Species Management Plan: Current Initiatives and Next Steps (PDF)

2/14/12 – Coastal and Estuarine Habitat Restoration Program and Trust Fund (PPT)

5/24/11 – Coastal Zone Management in Rhode Island (PPT)

3/8/11 – Implementing the New RI Stormwater Management Manual (PDF)

2/23/10 – Coastal Hazards: Today and Tomorrow (PDF)

1/27/10 – Coordination Team Update – Ames Colt, Rhode Island Bays, River, and Watersheds Coordination Team chair (PPT)

4/28/09 – Coastal and Estuarine Habitat Restoration Program and Trust Fund (PPT)

1/27/09 – USDA/NRCS Presentation - Eric Scherer (PPT)

8/26/08 – DEM Division of Fish & Wildlife (PDF)

7/22/08 – RI Department of Transportation (PDF)

5/27/08 – Salt Ponds Coalition (PPT)

2/16/08 – Report to the CRMC Council on Aquaculture Working Group progress (PPT)

1/15/08 – MRDP Implementation (PDF)

12/11/07 – Greenwich Bay SAMP Update (PDF)

10/23/07 – Rhode Island Aquatic Invasive Species Plan (PPT)

10/9/07 – Global Warming and The Impact of Sea Level Rise on Rhode Island (PPT)

9/25/07 – Public Access to the Rhode Island Shore (PPT)

9/11/07 – Rhode Island Special Area Management Plans (PDF)

8/28/07Residential Docks Status and Trends (PDF)

3/13/07RI CRMC Water Types (PDF)

11/14/06Legal Protection Chart

11/14/06Public Trust Doctrine Made Simple

10/10/06Metro Bay SAMP Boundary (PDF)

10/10/06Metro Bay SAMP Timeline (PDF)

10/10/06Names of Core Technical Committee members (bolded) and key individuals who provided technical expertise in the development of the Metro Bay Urban Coastal Greenway Policy January 2005 – October 2006 (PDF)

10/10/06Coastal Hazards: Increasing Resilience along Rhode Island’s Coast (PDF)

9/26/06Notes on the Geology of the RI Shoreline from SAMP Beginnings to Now (Large, 17.6 MB PDF)

9/26/06CRMC Policy Relating to Coastal Hazards Successes & Gaps (PDF)

9/26/06CRMC Data – PDF or PPT

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