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RI Coastal Resources Management Council

...to preserve, protect, develop, and restore coastal resources for all Rhode Islanders

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10/17/19   CRMC slated to begin dredging of Waterplace Park in November

10/15/19   Whitehouse’s Energy, Environment & Ocean Leaders Day presses on climate change efforts

10/11/19   CRMC seeks pre-proposals for Habitat Restoration Trust Fund projects

09/25/19   CRMC, DEM draft freshwater wetland rules

09/12/19   Coastweeks 2019: trash skimmers, monitoring, sea level rise, and salt marshes

08/07/19   2018 Aquaculture report shows steady growth in RI industry

08/01/19   CRMC adopts changes to Ocean SAMP

06/28/19   CRMC launches coastal hazard application worksheet

06/24/19   NOAA evaluates RI’s coastal program

06/14/19   Invitation to Bid, Plans, and Other Relevant Materials for Waterfire Dredge

04/29/19   CRMC, partners launch Shoreline Adaptation Inventory and Design program

04/29/19   Want to help us restore the Quonnie salt marsh? Click here for info about volunteering in May! (PDF)

04/22/19   CRMC to celebrate Quonochontaug Phase One restoration and elevation

04/10/19   CRMC, international team to research wind turbine engineering

04/05/19   CRMC issues 2017-2018 ROW report

03/18/19   CRMC rewards RI students for science fair projects

03/18/19   CRMC funds six habitat restoration projects

02/05/19   CRMC hires two new ocean engineers

02/05/19   CRMC talks to Realtors on front lines of climate change

01/14/19   CRMC, URI unveil flood maps for East Bay


12/22/18   National Grid LNG Federal Consistency Determination (PDF) — Additional associated documents and reports

12/18/18   NOAA grants CRMC additional jurisdiction for offshore wind energy projects

12/12/18   CRMC begins work on Quonnie salt marsh restoration

11/13/18   Marine Law Symposium at RWU Law to Focus on Legal Strategies for Climate Adaptation

11/09/18   CRMC, partners receive coastal resilience grant

10/26/18   Coastweeks, research paper highlight CRMC aquatic invasive species monitoring efforts

10/10/18   CRMC seeks pre-proposals for Habitat Restoration Trust Fund projects

10/04/18   STORMTOOLS Design Elevation (SDE) Map Training Session

09/11/18   Join Us for These Coastweeks Events!

07/31/18   Soil and Water Conservation Society Summer Meeting and Coastal Erosion Workshop

07/11/18   Preparing for rising seas with CRMC in “Art Aquatic”

07/05/18   CRMC adopts Beach SAMP

06/28/18   In focus: the future of RI’s salt marshes

06/20/18   Brown boathouse expansion results in improved public access at India Point Park

06/04/18   CRMC’s 5 percent aquaculture rule seeks to balance use of salt ponds

06/01/18   CRMC celebrates 40 years of federal program approval, authority under Federal CZMA

05/29/18   Regarding the vehicle limit at the East Beach sand trail

05/17/18   CRMC works to protect RI’s largest ship graveyard

05/17/18   Volunteer for planting at Ninigret Salt Marsh (PDF)

05/10/18   CRMC’s Fugate to speak to Dutch Consulate about climate change, resilience

05/08/18   CRMC executive director receives leadership award

04/30/18   CRMC announces statewide coastal wetland preservation strategy

04/10/18   CRMC rewards RI students for science fair projects

03/29/18   2017 Aquaculture report shows growth, diversification

03/28/18   Engineering With Nature to Protect Rhode Island Shorelines

03/27/18   CRMC keeps MyCoast app working with Trust Fund monies

03/26/18   CRMC funds nine habitat restoration projects

03/12/18   Beach SAMP Public Stakeholder Meeting on March 29th

03/06/18   RI Flood Mitigation Association 2018 Conference

03/02/18   Regarding CRMC Application #2017-12-086 (Raso)

01/16/18   CRMC: 2017 in Review

01/11/18   Bay Informed Discussion Series - Bringing Ocean Science Ashore!

01/02/18   Bradford dam removal complete


12/20/17   National Grid LNG Federal Consistency Determination

12/06/17   CRMC receives verification certificate for Block Island Wind Farm from ABS

12/05/17   Two-day forum focuses on sharing latest offshore wind energy science

12/01/17   CRMC issues 2016-2017 ROW report

11/08/17   CHA-EZ turns 40 in October

11/03/17   Planning Effective Projects Interactive Workshop

11/01/17   URI offering day-long coastal resilience and engineering workshop

10/26/17   CRMC seeks pre-proposals for Habitat Restoration Trust Fund projects

10/17/17   Coastweeks 2017 – Learning with the CRMC

10/16/17   CRMC enforcement supervisor to receive AG’s Justice Award

10/16/17   Watershed Counts cites CRMC projects, planning efforts

09/15/17   Meet new CRMC Chair Jennifer Cervenka

09/15/17   OCM Announcement: New "How To" on Mapping Open Space for CRS Credit!

09/15/17   Preparedness tips and latest predictions for Tropical Storm Jose

09/15/17   Two Shoreline Change Special Area Management Plan (Beach SAMP) Stakeholder Meetings will be held in October

09/15/17   Coastweeks 2017, the annual celebration of Rhode Island’s coast!

09/14/17   PREP-RI: Climate Resiliency Training Course is Free and Open to All

09/07/17   CRMC, ProvPort, Save The Bay open newest Urban Coastal Greenway

08/22/17   CRMC receives NOAA funds to restore Quonnie

08/14/17   Rhode Island CRS for Community Resilience Workshop

08/14/17   Bay Informed Discussion Series

07/12/17   CRMC prepares RISD summer program for “Going with the Flow”

07/12/17   CRMC, industry members, discuss State of Aquaculture in RI

07/10/17   Whitehouse, Fugate educate real estate appraisal industry on impacts of SLR, CC

07/07/17   Regarding the recently-discovered whale carcass in Jamestown (June 23, 2017)

07/06/17   Eelgrass on decline in RI waters, report says

06/22/17   EU report: BMPs learned through Ocean SAMP

06/15/17   Public Invited to Learn about the State of Aquaculture in RI's Salt Ponds

06/15/17   CRMC lauded for role in US’s first wind farm

05/25/17   June 1st, 2017 Ninigret salt marsh planting project (PDF)

05/17/17   Northeast particularly vulnerable to rising seas

05/08/17   CRMC adopts fifth Clean Marina

04/17/17   May 2017 Ninigret salt marsh planting project (PDF)

04/14/17   CRMC rewards RI students for science fair projects

04/04/17   From NERRA: “Will Marshes Rise to the Challenge of Rapidly Rising Seas?” (HINT: Rhode Island’s won’t, without help)

03/23/17   2016 Aquaculture report shows growth despite shellfish closures

03/22/17   CRMC funds 11 habitat restoration projects

03/16/17   Volunteers needed to plant sea grass seedlings at Narrow River as next phase of restoration project

03/15/17   Algal bloom, closure affects aquaculture sites in West Passage

03/08/17   From DEM: Portions Of RI Sound And Lower Narragansett Bay And Sakonnet River Closed To Shellfishing

02/22/17   RI’s ballast water management program at risk

02/22/17   New NOAA sea level rise projections dramatically increase by 2100

02/17/17   CRMC co-sponsors RI premiere of Ocean Frontiers III

01/25/17   CRMC: 2016 in review

01/24/17   CRMC officials travel to Nova Scotia to discuss marine spatial planning, Ocean SAMP

01/17/17   CRMC, Fugate honored with Benchley Ocean Award

01/12/17   CRMC, DEM expand wetland monitoring program

01/12/17   Climate Change and Business Resiliency Luncheon


12/08/16   Update on salt marsh restoration at Narrow River

12/02/16   CRMC celebrates Ninigret Pond Salt Marsh Restoration & Enhancement project

10/26/16   CRMC issues 2015-2016 ROW report

10/18/16   Informational meeting on recent emergency shellfishing closure, ongoing monitoring for RI waters

10/17/16   Emergency shellfishing closure lifted for Narragansett Bay, local waters

10/17/16   Recall of shellfish harvested in Wellfleet, Massachusetts unrelated to local closure

10/14/16   CRMC monitors for marine aquatic invasive species for Coastweeks 2016: RIers can learn to be first line of defense

10/11/16   Update on emergency shellfish closure in RI waters

10/07/16   Update on the Narrow River Marsh Restoration and Elevation project

09/16/15   Take part in this years Coastweeks, a celebration of Rhode Island's coast!

09/13/16   Free half day science communication workshop (and more!)

09/09/16   CRMC ‘s Fugate to speak at the White House

09/09/16   Ninigret Pond Aquaculture Tours– September 15, 2016

08/24/16   CRMC says goodbye to longtime legal counsel, welcomes new attorney

08/22/16   RI Sea Grant launches new web-based public access app featuring CRMC rights-of-way

08/16/16   PLEASE JOIN US: RI CRMC Shoreline Change Special Area Management Plan (Beach SAMP) Stakeholder Meeting

07/12/16   CRMC funds eelgrass mapping effort

07/08/16   Tolling legislation information

07/07/16   Public Workshop: protecting newport historic and cultural coastal assets from flooding caused by sea level rise

07/05/16   New UCG projects moving forward

06/20/16   CRMC Council approves maintenance of Mary Carpenter’s wall in Matunuck

06/14/16   CRMC Logo Design Contest

06/09/16   Aquaculture in the Ocean State: FREE Summer Tours

06/06/16   RI aquaculture in the spotlight: CRMC tours a success

06/06/16   CRMC permits first exclusive kelp farm in RI

05/18/16   Join the R.I. Coastal Resources Management Council at this weekend’s Newport Oyster Festival

05/17/16   MyCoast StormReporter Training offered on May 31

05/12/16   RI Salt Marsh Monitoring and Assessment Program released

05/12/16   CRMC approves 5 aquaculture applications

05/12/16   An update on the Ninigret Pond salt marsh habitat restoration project
Fact Sheet (PDF)
  - Schematic of restoration area, areas to be dredged, and pipeline location (schematic is courtesy of Town of Charlestown)
  - Ninigret marsh areas of vegetation die-off from prolonged flooding (photo courtesy of Ayla Fox)
  - Sachuest marsh in Middletown, after similar restoration project (photo courtesy of CRMC)

05/10/16   Ninigret Pond Aquaculture Tours– June 2, 2016

05/04/16   MyCoast May King Tide Events (May 5, 6)

04/15/16   Dr. Michael Oppenheimer to speak at Beach SAMP
Watch video of the meeting here

04/08/16   CRMC to take part in “Keeping History Above Water” Conference, April 10-13, 2016, Newport, RI
Reducing Flood Risk and Flood Insurance Policy Rates for Our Older Historic Buildings (free public workshop)
74 Bridge Street Exhibit

04/06/16   Five years later: the Ocean SAMP

04/06/16   CRMC rewards RI students for science fair projects

03/28/16   The Ocean SAMP – Five Years Later

03/22/16   Join CRMC, URI for Ocean SAMP update, celebration

03/11/16   Narragansett facility first to benefit from STORMTOOLS

03/08/16   NOAA grant provides funds to improve prediction, protection from coastal storms

03/04/16   CRMC funds 6 habitat restoration projects

03/03/16   2015 Aquaculture report shows growth despite harsh winter

03/01/16   SAVE THE DATE: Ocean SAMP Five-Year Achievements – Come Celebrate with Us!

02/25/16   CRMC holds Vibrio workshops

02/23/16   Flooding could provide chance for MyCoast pictures

02/16/16   Ninigret Pond: Historical Perspectives and Current Uses

02/10/16   RI Education Exchange now offers paid aquaculture training
Flyer (PDF)
Application (PDF)

02/04/16   CRMC, URI introduce new risk index tool under Beach SAMP

01/29/16   Education and Outreach: CRMC gets involved with ACE Program

01/29/16   2015 International Marine Spatial Planning Symposium: Sharing Practical Solutions at University of Rhode Island, featuring CRMC’s Grover Fugate

01/27/16   CRMC approves changes to sea level rise policy

01/22/16   CRMC: 2015 in review

01/21/16   Save the date! RI Coastal Erosion Control Workshop April 21st (PDF)

01/15/16   CRMC works with Providence community to improve public access

01/14/16   Join Us! Next Beach SAMP Stakeholder Meeting Thursday, February 4th

01/13/16   CRMC to hold mandatory Vibrio compliance workshops

01/07/16   URI ocean engineering students study impact of rising sea levels, storms on Matunuck

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