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Coastal Property Guide ThumbnailRI Coastal Barrier Resources System Index and Maps (US Fish & Wildlikfe Service Coastal Barrier Resources Act site)

SAMP Web Site ThumbnailMaps of storm inundation with and without sea level rise for varying return periods for RI coastal waters.

Coastal Property Guide ThumbnailArcGIS Online map of all CRMC-designated rights-of-way to the shore

Coastal Property Guide ThumbnailMaps of Water Use Categories

Coastal Property Guide ThumbnailSea Level Affecting Marshes Model (SLAMM) Maps (adopted by the CRMC on January 13, 2015)

Coastal Property Guide ThumbnailShoreline Change Maps

Coastal Property Guide ThumbnailFreshwater Wetlands Jurisdiction
(The CRMC and RIDEM collaborated on this legislatively-directed project that establishes clear delineations for the jurisdictional areas for freshwater wetlands. If your project lies on one side of the jurisdiction line, then you only need one agency to review the project.)

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