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RI Coastal Resources Management Council preserve, protect, develop, and restore coastal resources for all Rhode Islanders

Semi-Monthly Meeting – Full Council
Tuesday, September 25, 2007; 6:00 p.m.
Narragansett Bay Commission Boardroom
One Service Road, Providence, RI


Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting

Subcommittee Reports.

Staff Reports

Presentation: Public Access – Kevin Cute, CRMC

Applications requesting Special Exception before the Full Council:

2007-06-075 QUONSET DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION -- construct and maintain: a public roadway segment (approximately 2,300 linear feet) that will link Commerce Park Road to existing and future development within the Quonset Business Park. The project includes roadway construction, a culvert crossing of an intermittent stream, a new drainage system with stormwater management facilities and miscellaneous site grading and preparatory work for future development. The proposed roadway will result in the filling of 2,690 sq. ft. of a freshwater “tributary wetland”. In total, approximately 2,790 sq. ft. of “biological wetland” and 38,590 sq. ft. of “jurisdictional wetland” (perimeter wetland and river bank) will be impacted by the project. The filling of tributary wetland is prohibited by RI CRMP Section 100.4.F.1 thereby requiring a special exception. A salt marsh restoration project is proposed to mitigate for environmental impacts to the tributary wetland and surrounding areas of jurisdictional wetland. (The impacted freshwater tributary wetland is linked to the salt marsh by a stream channel which flows through the salt marsh and into Narragansett Bay via a tidal inlet which passes through an adjacent barrier beach strand). Located at plat 192, lots 2, 3, 5; Jones Road at Thorpe, North Kingstown, RI.

Evidentiary Hearing for Restoration:

2004-0081 THOMAS WHITTINGTON – Unauthorized construction of a wall (using stone from the beach), poured concrete stairs, earthwork (filling, removing, and grading), and cutting of vegetation on a coastal feature without a permit. Located at plat 40, lot 31; Prospect Lane, Portsmouth, RI.

Applications requesting an Extension of existing Assent:

1996-02-044 ROBERT FROST – 1st Extension request. Project located at plat 13D, lot 324; 15 Read
Avenue, Warren, RI.

Public Hearing on Changes to the Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Program:

RICRMP/Management Procedures

1. Revise Section 4.3.2(t) – Schedule of Fees as follows:

(t) CAD Cell Disposal Fee: Marinas, Boatyards, Yacht Clubs: $11.65 cy
Commercial Facilities: $15.00 cy
Residential Docks: $25.00 cy

The purpose is to differentiate CAD cell disposal fees by activity type

2. Revise 5.1(6) as follows:

(6) Upon the expiration of the thirty (30) day period, the Council shall consider the application including staff reports and recommendations thereon, reports and recommendations from other state and local agencies thereon, and comments thereon.

When an application requires as a condition of assent that a deed restriction is necessary, the proposed language for said restriction shall be, unless the executive director determines the application would be better processed without it, made part of the staff reports to the council.

The purpose is to require deed language in an application’s staff report when such is proposed to become a condition of assent


3. Revise Section 110.C Applications for Category A and Category B Council Assents as follows:

C. Applications eligible for administrative review include the following.

  • Subdivisions of less than 20 units;
  • Residential docks less than 200 feet (MLW) in length in the Sakonnet River or the open waters of Narragansett Bay; up to 75 feet (MLW) in all other waters;
  • Terminal floats less than 200 square feet;
  • Aquaculture sites of up to three (3) acres in the salt ponds or upper Narragansett Bay; less than 10
    acres elsewhere;
  • Seawalls Structural shoreline protection facilities of less than 300 linear feet;
  • Dredging of less than 100,000 cubic yards for marinas or state navigation projects;
  • Wetland mitigation that is habitat restoration when an applicant is federal, state, or municipal entity;
  • Harbor management plans that are recommended for approval;
  • Boat and float lifts.

The purpose is to better define that structural shoreline protection facilities are to be considered herein rather
than one type of such

4. Add Section 300.9.D.3 as follows:

3. It is prohibited to utilize a vessels propulsion system to remove, relocate, wash or otherwise alter the seabed in any Rhode Island waters. It is also prohibited to remove, relocate, wash or otherwise alter marine sediments with any device or deflector without a permit for the specific equipment, method and location.

The purpose is to prohibited the alteration of marine sediments using a vessel propulsion system

5. Proposed water type change - Providence Quadrangle

A line starting from the southern end of the Port Edgewood breakwater easterly and 500 feet offshore to include the cove immediately east of the Save The Bay center.

Purpose: To change the water type to be better consistent with existing permitted uses.

Category “A” List


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