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RI Coastal Resources Management Council preserve, protect, develop, and restore coastal resources for all Rhode Islanders

In accordance with notice to members of the Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council, a meeting was held on Tuesday, May 12, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. in Conference Room A of the Administration Building, One Capitol Hill, Providence, RI.

Members Present
Anne Maxwell Livingston, Chair
Paul Lemont, Vice Chair
Don Gomez
Ron Gagnon
Raymond Coia
Tony Affigne
Joy Montanaro
Paul Beaudette

Members Excused:
Mike Hudner
Jerry Sahagian

Staff Present
Grover J. Fugate, Executive Director
Jeffrey M. Willis, Deputy Director
Danni Goulet, Marine Infrastructure
Coordinator David Beutel, Aquaculture Coordinator
Brian Goldman, Legal Counsel



Chair Livingston called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.


Chair Livingston called for approval of the minutes from the previous meeting. Vice Chair Lemont motioned for the approval of the minutes from the April 28, 2015 Semimonthly meeting; seconded by Mr. Gomez. Motion carried on unanimous voice vote.


Mr. Fugate informed the Council on the following:

  • Both he and Chair Livingston attended a hearing at House finance which went well.
  • Beach SAMP Subcommittee has its first Subcommittee on May 18th at 4:00 at the Coastal Institute, Bay Campus, URI. The Subcommittee consists of Chair Livingston, Don Gomez, Mike Hudner and Paul Beaudette.

Mr. Goldman informed the Council on the following:

  • Received Court Decision on Friday, May 8 regarding the Matunuck Case in which the CRMC approved the construction of the seawall which was appealed by Hang Ten Realty. The case was then sent back to us for reasonable impact discussion in which the Council made the decision that all reasonable steps were taken to minimize environmental impacts. Went back to superior court, Judge Nugent affirmed CRMC decision.




2015-04-103 Save The Bay -- Petition for Regulatory Rule Change – Proposed Amendment of CRMP Section 300.7*

Mr. Willis explained that Save the Bay was a nonprofit organization and was asking that the Council wave the application for the Petition for Regulatory Rule change. Mr. Willis stated that staff would defer to Council for discussion. Mr. Willis explained that CRMC has waived fees before for the application on the Save the Bay facility. Mr. Fugate stated that the Petition for Regulatory rule change would be scheduled before P & P if fee waiver was granted. Mr. Beaudette motioned, seconded by Mr. Affigne and Mr. Coia, to approve request for fee waiver. Motion carried on a unanimous voice vote.


  • A Briefing by the CVA
  • Review and/or Approval of the Facility Design Report and the Fabrication and
    Installation Report.

Ted Hofbauer with ABS of Houston was present. Mr. Hofbauer is the CVA for DWW project under contract with DWW and CRMC. Mr. Hofbauer is an independent reviewer of DWW project to verify the design and fabrication and the installation of the project.
Mr. Hofbauer was asked to comment on the Facility Design Report and the Fabrication and Installation Report as both are submitted as requirements of the Ocean SAMP regulations.

Mr. Hofbauer informed the Council that his company has been involved in the process of design and the determination of the standards and regulations that would be used for the design throughout the process of working with Keystone Engineering (supplier of design for substructure), Deepwater Wind and Alstom (tower supplier along with the turbine).

Mr. Hofbauer explained that his company did an independent computer model than what was produced by Keystone and Alstom as a verification process. Mr. Hofbauer stated that they are very confident in the design and substructure to move forward with their summer of 2015 time line.

In regards to the Fabrication and Installation Report, Mr. Hofbauer stated that they are still waiting for several documents that are needed in answer to comments that were sent to DWW but that they will be supplied this month. Mr. Hofbauer stated that he was confident that by the time the project moves toward construction in July those issues will be resolved and the project was moving in the right direction.

Chair Livingston asked Mr. Hofbauer to be more specific in regards to their review process. Mr. Hofbauer explained to the Council the process they went through creating models, reviewing effects of storm events, being on site to monitor building of substructure fabrication making sure it is in accordance to design. Mr. Hofbauer explained that different parts of the structure were being built internationally, such as for the Turbine, China, Korea, Spain and Germany with final assembling in France. Mr. Hofbauer talked about the safety precautions set up in area during installation of towers to ensure the highest level of safety for installers.

Mr. Affigne asked Mr. Hofbauer about the design specs that were developed for the distinctive New England weather conditions. Mr. Hofbauer explained that the design standards incorporated the New England storm factors through computer modeling.

Mr. Gomez asked for clarification on the analysis of the design process. Mr. Hofbauer stated that computer models were developed completely separately for results verification. Mr. Gomez asked about the anode placement and replacing when needed. Mr. Hofbauer stated that they are designed to last the lifetime of the structure and that they would be inspected periodically.

Vice chair Lemont asked if Mr. Hofbauer was confident the manufacturing and fabrication of parts and components are being done in accordance with design submitted to CRMC. Mr. Hofbauer answered affirmatively. Vice Chair Lemont asked if Mr. Hofbauer was receiving timely notification and information in order to allow you to conduct the proper surveillance for the 2015 Facility Design Report and/or Fabrication and Installation Report as well as the 2016 report. Mr. Hofbauer answered affirmatively.

The Council discussed the process of approval of the reports as they are still waiting for information for the Fabrication and Installation report (FIR). Chair Livingston suggested that the reports be approved by the Council with the stipulation that Mr. Fugate follow up with the FIR report.

Vice Chair Lemont motioned, seconded by Mr. Coia, to approve the Facility Design Report and authorize Mr. Fugate to follow-up on list of items still needed. Motion carried on unanimous voice vote.

There was Discussion held on the review and approval of the Fabrication and Installation Report. Chair Livingston suggested approving initially with the final approval given at the June 9th meeting; meaning that approval could be pulled if items are not satisfactory to the Council. Chair Livingston was concerned with having a quorum for the June 9th meeting. Mr. Gomez stated that he would not be available that night.

Mr. Main asked for clarification on the approval for the FIR report. It was explained that a provision approval would be granted for the FIR report which can be revoked if the required information is not received. Mr. Fugate would be authorized by the Council to stop the project if items required not satisfactory.

Mr. Affigne motioned for the approval of the Fabrication and Installations Report with the understanding that the approval is revocable should CRMC Executive Director indicate that the project should be stopped due to unresolved issues as reported by ABS.

Mr. Coia seconded the motion. Motion carried on a unanimous voice vote.


Mr. Coia motioned, seconded by Mr. Beaudette, to adjourn. Motion carried on unanimous voice vote. Meeting adjourned at 6:47 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Lisa A. Turner
Recording Secretary


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