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RI Coastal Resources Management Council preserve, protect, develop, and restore coastal resources for all Rhode Islanders

In accordance with notice to members of the Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council, a meeting was held on Tuesday, May 26, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. in Conference Room A of the Administration Building, One Capitol Hill, Providence, RI.

Members Present
Anne Maxwell Livingston, Chair
Paul Lemont, Vice Chair
Don Gomez
Ron Gagnon
Raymond Coia
Joy Montanaro
Tony Affigne
Paul Beaudette
Mike Hudner

Members Excused:
Jerry Sahagian

Staff Present
Jeffrey M. Willis, Deputy Director
Rich Lucia, Spv Civil Engineer
Danni Goulet, Marine Infrastructure Coordinator
Brian Goldman, Legal Counsel



Chair Livingston called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.


hair Livingston called for approval of the minutes from the previous meeting. Mr. Coia and Mr. Hudner motioned for the approval of the minutes from the May 12, 2015 Semimonthly meeting; seconded by Mr. Gomez. Motion carried on unanimous voice vote.


Mr. Willis informed the Council on the following:

  • Beach SAMP Subcommittee met last week for the first time
  • DWW staff met with environmental monitors
  • Algonquin pipeline coming through Burrillville, RI; CRMC staff working out jurisdictional issues.
  • Mr. Fugate and Chair Livingston attended the Ocean Summit at Volvo Village on marine debris – very international.




2014-02-020 DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT – Request to withdraw application for experimental artificial reef in Narragansett Bay..

Mr. Willis explained that the RIDEM requested to withdraw their application. Vice Chair Lemont motioned, seconded by Mr. Coia, to approve the request to withdraw. Motion carried on unanimous voice vote. Mr. Gagnon abstained

8. Category “A” Applications

None were held.


2013-09-056 UNIVERSAL REALTY, LLC -- Construct and maintain: a residential boating facility consisting of a 4’ x 105’ fixed pier, 4’ x 22’ ramp and a 10’ x 15’ float; also install 2 tie off piles. The facility will extend 75’ seaward of mean low water to 18” (MLW). A variance is required to RICRMP 300.4.E.3(l) (50’ standard beyond mean low water). Located at plat 201, lot 20; 219 Charlotte Drive, Warwick, RI.

Mr. Lucia gave a brief overview of the application stating that the applicant was requesting a 25’ length variance to the 50’ length standard. Mr. Lucia stated that one objection was received during the public notice period citing environmental impacts from the dock’s proximity to the wetland and aesthetic value. Mr. Lucia stated that staff concluded that the dock would be raised to 6’ above the MHW with no obstruction and that there were no significant environmental impacts as there were other docks in the area. Mr. Lucia stated that there were not staff objections to the approval of the application. Mr. Lucia confirmed for Mr. Beaudette that there would be a minimum of 6’ under the dock for lateral access. Mr. Beaudette asked about the concrete slab/ramp on property next to proposed dock location and what would be done with it.

At this time, Attorney Joseph Brennan, representing Universal Realty and Rudy Procaccianti, introduced Warren Hall, PE as the engineer for the project. Mr. Hall, who was recognized as an expert witness, was sworn in and identified himself for the record. Mr. Hall stated that the pier would be built to the north of the existing ramp and that Mr. Procaccianti agreed to remove the ramp with the submittal of another application requesting riprap improvements. The Council discussed briefly stipulating the removal of the ramp but Chair Livingston stated that the applicant could apply for the project at their own timeframe.

Mr. Coia, motioned, with a second from Mr. Hudner, for the approval of the application.

2014-12-072 CENTERVILLE BUILDERS -- The construction of a new 6 slip limited marina and to perform improvement dredging of approximately 1325 CY with disposal of the material at the CAD cell in Providence. The marina structure will consist of replacement of existing stairs to a 5’ wide fixed pier that extends 60’ beyond MHW to a ramp and 5’x114’ float with 3 40’ long fingers. Located at plat 292, lots 187, 188, 189; Naushon Avenue, Warwick, RI.

Mr. Goulet gave a brief overview of the application to Council stating that the application required three variances – 25 vessels per acre, parking accommodations, and sanitary facilities. Mr. Goulet stated that staff agreed that the condominium association will suffice for parking and sanitary facilities and that staff recommended approval of the application.

Mr. Affigne asked for clarification regarding the dredging part of the application. Mr. Goulet explained that under the RIDEM Water Quality certification process, dredge samples were tested to see if they were eligible for CAD cell fill. Mr. Goulet stated that the dredge material numbers were good and could even qualify as cap material for the CAD cell.

Chair Livingston asked about the payment for dredge disposal in the cad cell. Mr. Goulet stated that the price was $11.00 per cubic yard and how it is calculated. There was discussion on the long period of time the price has been $11.00 which prompted the discussion on the CAD cell process.

Vice Chair Lemont motioned, seconded by Mr. Gomez, for the approval of the application. The motion carried on unanimous voice vote.

A1990-11-008 TOWN OF BARRINGTON – Modification of existing commercial boating facility (Police/Harbormaster Dock) to include replacement of existing 10’ x 12’ float with new 10’ x 15’ float (150sf) and addition of 8’ x 30.3’ (242.4sf) float (total 392.4sf). Located at plat 25, lot 3; 95 County Road, Barrington, RI.

Mr. Lucia gave a brief overview of the project stating that the boating facility was utilized by the Town of Barrington emergency water craft as well as the harbormaster and that the existing floats were not sufficient for new patrol boats. Mr. Lucia stated that public access for commercial development was required but the site was unsuitable for safety reasons and that the remainder of the site will be a Public Park. Mr. Lucia stated that the staff feels that the public park will meet the public access requirement.

Mr. Lucia stated that no objections had been received. Mr. Lucia explained that if the Council approved the project, CRMC staff would request that the applicant provide a plan with a structural perimeter limit which was discussed with the application, and the applicant had no objections to revising the plans.

Mr. Gomez asked about the Historical Preservation and Heritage Commission sign off. The file was reviewed and a copy of the HPHC report was in file stating there would be no effect to any historical area.

Mr. Coia motioned, seconded by Vice Chair Lemont, for the approval of the application. The motion was carried on unanimous voice vote.


Mr. Coia motioned, seconded by Vice Chair Lemont, to adjourn. Motion carried on unanimous voice vote. Meeting adjourned at 6:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Lisa A. Turner
Recording Secretary


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